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Long Drives (With Kids)

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

When I tell other moms that I took a cross-country trip with my toddler and follow-up with, “I loved it!” They look at me sideways and ask, “But, did you really love it?” As in, you must be lying or kidding yourself or that sounds like torture. I giggle to myself and reply, “Yeah, I really did. I loved it.”

Cross Country Route July 2016

After having children, most parents either slow down or stop their exploration altogether. Or, they limit family vacations to kid-centric locales such as Orlando. They say, “we’ll travel again when the kids are outta the house,” “it’s just too hard with them,” “they won’t remember,” “I wouldn’t enjoy it.” These are prevalent responses and prevalent notions circulated in our culture; fun comes to a halting stop when kids hit the scene. And, yeah, if that’s what you believe, it will be easy to prove yourself right. Our lives have a funny way of following self-fulfilling prophecies.

I’ve started Long Drives (With Kids) to encourage parents not to give up on adventurous travel with their little or big ones. You can still be a mom or dad and be in awe of the world, checking places off your bucket list. And, yeah if they’re under five they may not remember, but you will. We took our son Mason to the Grand Canyon when he was two and a half. He doesn’t remember sitting in the hiking backpack when we walked to the crest of Mather Point and watched the sun slowly rise above the monolithic cliffs. But, it’s a moment I’ll never forget.

sunrise at Mather Point, Grand Canyon

As long as you properly prepare for the safety and engagement of your kids, you can go almost anywhere and do almost anything! You gotta release all those doubts and self-sabotaging thoughts to begin. I’ll talk about how on the #blog. I’ll also write about the logistics of being on the road with your kid: packing, rest stops, snacks, seating arrangements, kid tech, and family games. Preparation is paramount but I’ll be preaching that flexibility is KEY to actually enjoying travel with your kiddos. And, laughter, lots of laughter. As a former type-A, rigid, control-freak, I can attest that letting go of the rigid plan in my head has led to so much more happiness.

We’ll take you along on our travels via photos I capture and videos my husband takes. I’ll share the gushy moments of connection and the unexpected road bumps along the way. Travel with your kids isn’t perfect and I’ll write all about embracing the messiness inherent in taking your little ones anywhere. I’ll give you routes to get you started and routes for when you’re more experienced. I’ll share what we’ve learned on the road and how travel leads to a deeper connection as a family.

hiking in Sedona, Arizona

I’ll have curated travel guides of locations we’ve visited. You’ll know all the cool spots to take your kids. Heads up, we’re really into breweries that are kid-friendly! We’ll have an assortment of activities or restaurants to choose from based on the mood of your family. Because some days you’re just gonna need to know a cool local take-out option that delivers to the hotel.

You’ll see us at our best and our worst but most importantly you’ll see us as our most content. We’re just a regular family in love with being on the road. Our hope is that our travel inspires you (or you and your family) to take a road trip, push yourself outside of your travel comfort zone, and find and honor the activities that bring you joy.

So, follow along on the blog, check out our site, and leave us a comment so we can connect.

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