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Airstream Remodel Floor Plan Options

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

What will Nellie the Airstream look like?

So, we have Nellie the Airstream, our family road trip vehicle, fully gutted! Read more about our month of demolition here. It's an exciting time but also for a vacillator like me, a tough time. A vacillator is an indecisive person that sees a lot of options and wavers back and forth when trying to make a decision (think Hamlet, the most famous vacillator of all time). Ugh, I just see the benefits in so many situations and options! And, choosing an Airstream layout is no different. Just look at all these inspirational Airstream Renovation options I profiled from Instagram!

It's a big decision so I have a few options running around in my head (of course!) I wanted to share our favorite Airstream floorplans with you so we can (a) give you free layout options for your own renovation and (b) get your feedback! All of our floorplans below are suited to our specific Airstream specs, learn more about our specifications here. Scroll through our 5 favorite Airstream design layouts for Nellie the Airstream! Let us know your favorite in the comments! And scroll to the bottom to see the major design features, we're vacillating back and forth on with pros and cons for each option.

NOTE: All of our floorplans are to scale and we plan to complete all labor and furniture builds by ourselves

Floorplan #1: The Rear King Bed Layout

This first design was all about the king bed in the rear of the Airstream! We normally cosleep with our kiddos so we know we need lots of space for a family of four to snuggle together. This design also features a wrap-around couch in the front with a full bathroom spanning both sides of the Airstream.

Floorplan #2: The Side Bathroom Layout

This second design, keeps the rear king bed and consolidates the full-size bathroom onto the right side of the Airstream. This design also adds in a table to the front wrap-around couch area as well as extending the kitchen counter tops to include a bar.

Floorplan #3: The Fold Down Dinette Option

Our third Airstream design option, keeps the original full-size bathroom in the rear as well as adds back in both rear closets. The king bed moves to the front of the Airstream, the space acting as a lounger by day and converting to a bed by night. This option has a couch on the left side with a fold-down dinette table (that seats two) on the right.

Floorplan #4: The Super Basic Layout

This is our design if we want to go super basic. We would nix the full bathroom and just keep our toilet for middle-of-the-night use. We would have the king bed in the back with the wrap-around-couch and table in the front. We would add back in one closet, maybe.

Floorplan #5: The Long Kitchen Counter Layout

This final design option includes a very long kitchen counter on the right side doubling as a breakfast bar for eating/sitting. It also has a full rear bathroom with a day bed/couch on the left side next to the kitchen. The king bed/ day lounger would be in the front.


Airstream Remodel Design Features

This or That?

(1) Back Bedroom or Front Bedroom?

@dollytheairstream has a rear bedroom design

Pros: private bedroom, separate living/sleeping quarters, bed possibly sized up to California king, can have a traditional bedroom feel with nightstand etc.

Cons: will need to move plumbing on a rear bathroom Airstream model, bedroom cannot function as extra seating, less efficient design

@florence_the_airstreammachine has a front bedroom design

Pros: space saver/efficient design, keeps weight off rear of Airstream to combat rear-end sag

Cons: bed space isn't private, might have to use bed for extra seating when guests visit, will need to make the bed everyday, will most likely be used as a couch


(2) Dinette or Bar?

@normatheairstream has the popular wrap-around dinette option in their 1978 Airstream Sovereign

Pros: utilizes Airstream design, sits a large family or many guests, multi-functional

Cons: takes up a lot of space, has to be reconfigured for lounging/sleeping

@pack.yourself.a.toothbrush has a smaller dinette option in their Airstream

Pros: can be flipped down when not in use, multi-functional for eating/working/hobbies, takes up a small amount of space

Cons: usually fits only two people, not good for large families or use with guests

@wilsongrandadventures has a long bar option in their RV

Pros: efficient design for multi-functional use, seating with a view

Cons: takes up space otherwise used for kitchen, family not facing each other, use of barstools rather than comfier seating, not practical for younger kids


(3) Wrap Around Couch or Front Lounger?

@airstreaminlive and so many other Airstream owners,

have a wrap around couch and table

Pros: fits the shape of the Airstream perfectly, gives a place to eat at a "dinner" table, allows seating for larger groups, lots of possible underneath storage possibilities

Cons: the couch needs to be converted into a bed every time you want to sleep, not great for cuddling or lounging to watch movies, less free range of movement (will have to scooch in)

@jolene.the.airstream has a great front lounger that acts both as a couch by day and a bed by night.

Pros: it is a great space-saver, efficient design

Cons: it can trap dirt because it's serving couch, sit and get your shoes on, etc purposes. It's not great for sitting and eating or sitting and working on the laptop.


(4) Rear Bathroom or Side Bath?

@adventuretincan has a rear bathroom Airstream model

Pros: if you have a rear bathroom model, you don't have to rewire or change plumbling! keeps the interior of the Airstream open and airy

Cons: possible eyesore if there isn't a door that can close, with line of sight directing back to the bathroom, takes up more space than a bathroom needs

@thislittleairstream has a side bathroom model in their Airstream

Pros: "hides" in an enclosed space, leaves large rear available for bedroom, fits a more traditional bathroom design, can be made super tiny

Cons: juts out in the middle of the Airstream, loses the open concept, will need to reroute plumbing for a rear bathroom Airstream model


Okay, let us know! Which Airstream design is your favorite? 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?

Lots of great options right? And, they all have benefits and drawbacks. If you're planning an Airstream renovation of your own, what design features are absolute musts for you? What can you just not live without? For some, it's the full bath, for others it's the bedroom. We're still deciding on what is best for our family travel and glamping adventures on the road. Feel free to give us your feedback (just don't be angry if we don't go with your choice)

Wish us luck with deciding!

Safe Travels & Happy Renovatin'


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