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15 Gorgeous Airstream Renovations Inspiring Our Reno

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

When you begin any do it yourself project or large-scale renovation, dreamy inspiration is a key to both knowing what you want the final product to look like and motivating you through the I'm-so-done I-want-to-quit moments. As promised in our last blog post, I'm here to share the dreamy inspiration for our Airstream renovation inspiring us on our way. Because we are absolute novices, I knew it was important to seek out people who had successfully completed an Airstream renovation project. And...enter Instagram!

Below, we've got a list of 15 Instagrammers we follow who are inspiring our Airstream reno and remodel. Just imagine, all white interiors, custom-built spaces, unique designs, and space-saving alternatives. These folks have a lot of start-to-finish inspiration to offer! Some of the Airstreamers are millenial families just like us, others are full-time solo travelers, and a few husband and wife duos too. They each have Airstream renovations that are drool-worthy and sure to inspire. Check them out below and make sure to follow along on our Airstream renovation journey too @longdrives_withkids

1. @florence_the_airstreammachine

This husband and wife renovated a 1978 Airstream Argosy and now travel around the US! #lifegoals The exterior is painted white which really sets it apart from other Airstreams on the road. I absolutely love their walnut butcher block countertops and the simple black hardware and black accents. They also added a splash of color to the interior with floral accent wallpaper. What makes this a dream inspiration for me is that they extended the countertops to include a sit/work space with an underneath slide-in stool. This is something I am hoping for in our Nellie the Airstream.

Timeline: 4 weeks

Favorite Part: "My favorite part is definitely the long butcher block countertop that makes the space feel so open and also doubles as prep space and work space for me when I work from home!"


2. @jolene.the.airstream

I found Beth & Jeff when they first joined Instagram and I've been swooning ever since! Their completed renovation should be saved on your Pinterest board because you're gonna want to steal these ideas. It's like a miniature farmhouse inside their Airstream. From the shiplap walls to the antique bucket tin sink to the white tin accent wall, everything about this renovation is right on modern farmhouse design. Not to mention it's designed for a family of four which makes it particularly appealing to us. I love that it can sleep four and still looks light and airy.

Since we are doing a rear bathroom model, just like them, I see now that we can get away with a curtain and don't necessarily need a door.

How much they spent: $25,000 (including the cost of the Airstream)

Timeline: more than a year

Favorite Part of the Renovation: "Being pleasantly surprised at how handy my husband is. Working on everything together. Figuring it out. Messing up then laughing about it and fixing it to be even better. Teaching my daughters how to build things, create things, and how to use power tools. Then, there is NOTHING more satisfying than sitting back and thinking "we did this, we created something truly special and unique." It's a fabulous feeling." -Beth


3. @adventuretincan

I am totally crushing on this family right now! Not only are they just adorable but their Airstream reno is so dreamy! The husband Francisco is a carpenter by trade and completed the entire build himself! *cue standing ovation* One of his space-saving designs that I've seen others copy is a wood frame pull-out couch for guests! I also love their front bed/ day lounger sectional. We're also considering this configuration. But, seriously everything about this reno from the stainless steel appliances to the blue kitchen cabinetry is making me swoon. Not to mention everything pops against that classic Airstream white interior.

How much they spent: about $20,000 so far (through 2 renovations)

Timeline: we’re scheduled to be done at the end of September, so we’re looking at 6 months of working on it on the weekends and after work. 

Favorite Part of the Renovation: "My FAVORITE part of the renovation has got to be the painting and seeing how paint alone transforms the space. It makes it look uniform and complete. When we painted, we just sat back and stared at the progress that was made by the paint that we applied. We also really enjoyed putting in the floors. That was one of the first things we did and just that alone made it feel different. It was the perfect foundation for all the transformation that's taken place."


4. @thislittleairstream

This is a full-time Airstream travel family living their best lives! What I love most about their Airstream renovation is the rear-end bunk beds and living space. It looks so cozy for reading and they have a collapsible table they use to transform the space into an eating nook or work station as needed. Also, their all-white kitchen paired with their all white minimalist interior couldn't be more welcoming and bright. I can just imagine waking up next to the beach in this gorgeous Airstream!

How much they spent: $67,000 (including cost of Airstream)

Timeline: 8 months of hard work

Favorite part of the renovation: the kitchen


5. @pack.yourself.a.toothbrush

Another full-time Airstream travel family! The pictures of their US travels with their little daughter make me want to pack my bags right now! They have a very modular IKEA-esque build which means it has clean lines and is crazy space efficient. I love their hinged table that they can fold up for eating and working needs and fold down when not in use. They are also the only Airstreamers I've seen with a children's play nook (pictured!) We are seriously considering this! And, their copper features are also just on point design!

How much they spent: about $20,000. (Airstream bought for 8k)

Timeline: 10 months

Favorite Part of Renovation: "My favorite part of our renovated Airstream is how tailored it is to us. It's very open and has everything we need all in one space. It's great for our daughter too because she can play everywhere and we can always keep an eye on her. I always miss our home whenever we are away."


6. @honeybeetheairstream

Taylor is another Airstream full-timer who lives and works out of her Airstream; she's a VIPKID teacher. Unlike most others here, she hired a professional company to complete the renovation work for her which meant she paid more for labor BUT finished in half the time! The renovation company was able to complete the entire renovation build in 3 months which is UNHEARD OF for Airstream renos! What I love most about her Airstream renovation is all the drawers and storage space, the gold hardware, and the splash of floral wallpaper in the kitchen. She also designed a storage place for a toaster oven which is one of the musts for our renovation.

How much she spent: $12,000 for materials- not including labor prices

Timeline: 3 months!

Favorite Part of the Renovation: "My favorite part of the reno has to be the counter/cabinet space we added that replaced the booth. I designed each cabinet specifically to house what I owned. Everything fits perfectly! There's even a cabinet for the litter box :) it adds so much storage and room within the trailer."


7. @airstreaminlive

Okay, did full-time Airstreamers Tom and Lauren complete an Airstream remodel or high-end show piece? Seriously, it's hard to tell because their Airstream is THAT gorgeous! Their bathroom alone looks like a day spa with the exposed aluminum walls and wrap around tile. And their custom built kitchen! I'm drooling over here! Tom and Lauren did the highly ambitious shell off renovation which means they took their Airstream fully apart and put it back together again. Shell off renovations are more intensive but it usually means you get NEW everything (including insulation, panels, wires, sealant, etc). Worth it, I think they'd say yes!

How much they spent: A lot! More than their original budget but they say the end result is totally worth it

Timeline: nearly 18 months of hard work, working on it everyday

Favorite Part of the Renovation: "Tough question but likely the bathroom or the power system. We love being able to have a nice bathroom and all the endless power we need."


8. @lovetheos

This renovation is a family affair and still a work in progress. I absolutely love how much their kiddos are involved in the renovation process, helping paint, measure and build. You'll see their three littles in most of their Instagram pictures. What I love most so far, is their gorgeous hardwood floors and front lounger design. Just like @airstreaminlive, they've completed a full shell off Airstream renovation and are just getting to the aesthetic design part. Follow along on their journey and learn all about the nitty gritty renovation details they've completed so far.

How much they spent: about $7,000 (so far)

Timeline: it's still a work in progress

Favorite Part of the Renovation: "Our favorite part has been rebuilding it. Once those walls went back up, it felt much safer to have the kids in there and they really enjoy helping."


9. @theshinyhouse

This family of four has almost completed their Airstream renovation and it's looking sooo good! They've included the super popular day-to-night U-shaped couch design with an adjustable pedestal table. The table lowers to transition the couch into a large bed! This is one of the designs we are considering so it's great to see it completed and done so well. We also love their clean kitchen design with the deep sink and two burner stove. Two thumbs way up!

How much they spent: $45,000 (excluding batteries and solar)

Timeline: 1 year

Favorite Part of the Renovation: "My favorite part is the beverage fridge. Helps keep space open in the main fridge for food."


10. @milliethearistocrat

Okay, this is my only non-Airstream inspiration exception but I had to include this vintage camper. It has been lovingly remodeled and updated and I love it so much! I mean the checkered navy wallpaper, army green appliances, gold accents and hanging macrame. Rather than modernizing, everything about this remodel was done to maintain the vintage appeal. This family even kept the original floor plan and appliances. Most likely the cheapest renovation on this page. Definitely goes to show you don't need to start from scratch to have a great renovation!

How much they spent: $1,500 (not including the cost of the camper)

Timeline: 1 year

Favorite Part of the Renovation: "I think our favorite part is the curtains. Surprisingly it was the cheapest and easiest, but made a huge impact and we get the most questions about them!"


11. @mavistheairstream

Sheena and Jason are kinda like the Instagram OG's of Airstream renovations! They became hugely popular during their first renovation of Mavis the Airstream (which they then sold) and have already completed renovation #2! And, guess what? It's stellar! In an Airstream world of custom built furniture, Sheena and Jason show that you CAN be on the road with free-standing furniture. What also sets them apart is their earthy boho vibe. Their Airstream practically screams come on in and have a seat.

How much they spent: about $20,000 (from their website)

Timeline: 10 months for Mavis 1.0 (from their website)


12. @dollytheairstream

I mean, every single picture on this Instagram feed is like a magazine cover! Seriously! This renovation was done by Landon, a full-time student and another Airstream full-timer. Can you imagine having this Airstream all to yourself? *Raises Hand* I can! From the two sitting areas, the cozy bed and full gourmet kitchen what's not to love? I love that Landon has lots of green plants and the ultra modern recessed ceiling lights! I so wish we were doing this.


13. @nostalgiareversed

This couple was featured on the British reality show George Clark's Amazing Spaces. They had a complete Airstream renovation for full-time use including an itty bitty working stove for the winter season. I love their tucked all the way into the back bedroom and modern kitchen that spans both sides of their Airstream. I also love their cloth window shades!


14. @shinytinyhome

Okay if @mavistheairstream is the OG of millenial full-time Airstreamin' then The Longnecker family of @shinytinyhome are the OG's of full-time family travel. Or at least one of the families who popularized it! I'm learning so much from their blog and YouTube videos on how to do an Airstream renovation the right way! THANK YOU GUYS! They fit a family of six (I repeat SIX!) in their tiny home on wheels. They have a double bunk bed design with a day to night couch option in their living space. I LOVE their aluminum skin walls, dark hardwood floors and all the exposed wood! * HAPPY SIGH*

How much they spent: over $50,000 ( from their website)


15. @shadowsandmountains

I love this couple's travel photos as much as their Airstream renovation pics! They travel full-time around the US in their 1994 Airstream and their wandering photos are so dreamy! The interior of their Airstream matches so perfectly with the landscapes. They kept the interior soft with whites, creams, and gold accents. I love love love their reclaimed wood kitchen counter tops, recessed ceiling lights, and rustic chevron accent wall. Their bathroom is totally adorable and such a clean design too. Poor bathrooms, they don't get enough love!

How much they spent: around $55,000 (but more including maintenance)

Timeline: 5 months, shell on restoration

Favorite part of the renovation: "So, I did the renovation with @pourmoreandexplore, my boyfriend and travel companion. We have different thoughts on our favorite part of the renovation. His favorite part is the dinette that converts to a large couch/extra bed. My personal favorite is the extra counter space that we installed and the garden that lies behind it."


How about you? Which one of these renovations is screaming your name? Let me know in the comments below. Also, I've got more Airstream remodel inspiration on my RV Remodel Pinterest Board! Check it out.

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