I'm Just A Mom In Love With Travel

 Hi! I'm Janessa, the writer, photographer, and travel planner behind Long Drives (With Kids).  I'm a soulful woman born with a gypsy soul. When I was young, I'd daydream about all the places I'd visit near and far. In my teens I'd drool over the National Geographic and in my twenties I'd sigh when I passed my map of the US, dotted with just a few East Coast travel markers. I wanted to see mountains and cityscapes, small towns and desert roads, national parks and ocean side cliffs. I wanted to see it all. 


As a newlywed, my husband, Matt, and I fell in love with long drives while living in Virginia. We drove up and down the Blue Ridge Parkway, windows down listening to music, stopping along the way, and promising to do this together forever.


Almost ten years later we're still driving but now with two kiddos in tow. We've completed two cross country trips with our toddler and countless other road trippin' American adventures (and I've checked off a lot of those destinations I was dreaming about).  We decided having kids would not deter us from our love of traveling and being on the road. To our surprise, we found with lots of planning and flexibility and a bit of patience, long drives with your little ones can be a blast!  You just gotta embrace the beauty in the chaos. Don't believe me, let me show you.

My goal with Long Drives (With Kids) is to help you with the intensive planning of road trippin' with little ones but also teach you to be flexible with the plan. Rigid schedules and to-the-hour itineraries are gonna have to go (if you want to stay sane!) Instead, let's embrace together, beautiful messy (kid approved) travel.

As a serial traveler, I know how time consuming travel planning can be.  I've spent a lot of time, curating dreamy trips for my family and I've consolidated all these experiences into  travel guides, JUST FOR YOU! 


Our many places of residence- Florida, California, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Virginia-  have granted me insider knowledge and I work hard to find the hidden travel gems that you'll talk about for years to come.


Heads up! We're really into hikes and breweries and camping and pizza joints and beaches and national parks....oh wait! We're kinda into a little bit of everything! Just check out our trips and you'll see. 

To start planning your own adventure, browse my travel guides and Pinterest page, read the blog, eye the Instagram, get in touch!

Many Blessings,